Networking, Digital life and Security

Make your home work for you!

Digital homes are built around data: audio and video for your movies, sites on the web, Images from your security cameras, pictures of your loved ones, important documents as well as data used to control the home... and it needs to flow quickly to get a pleasant experience. IntegraHome has the experts that will make your home network perform at it fullest, and safe from hackers.

WiFi and wired network troubleshooting

Is your WiFi slow or spotty at home? IntegraHome has trained professionals with the right tools to quickly understand the current situation of your home network and will quickly design a solution that fits your needs like a glove. We'll propose, install and service the exact equipment needed to make your network perform to its true capabilities, and keep it ready to work for you when you need it.

Network cabling design and installation

Although we're living in the 21st century and enjoying the benefits of wireless networks, planning and installing cabling is still important. Proper cabling planning, which is inexpensive compared to the actual equipment, can spare you from frustration later on. If you are building a new home, cottage or maybe renovating your property, this is the moment where you can leave everything prepared for the future. IntegraHome will design  and install the network cabling that will allow you to have trouble-free service for years to come.