Our view on Home Automation

Make your home work for you!

Home automation should always consider your lifestyle.

No two households are alike: each generates and consumes digital content at different rates and volumes, and has a different daily routine and unique needs based on family composition, routines and interests. Your automation should be designed for you and your family.

Technology must adapt to you, and the people around your home.

Your life is already busy, there is no need to complicate it more with a new piece of technology. New technology should always augment, and never replace the way you interacted with your home.

The perfect app is NO APP.

Pulling your phone out from your pocket to turn a light on feels great the first 20 times you do it, but it becomes a hassle soon after. Voice control is much better, but true Home Automation is being aware of what is happening at your home and turning the light before you ask for it. Phone apps are still great for remote control of your home, or for fine-tuning complex tasks.

Your data should be where you want it to be.

Information stored in your Automation Controller is very private and confidential, as it typically contains each device use history. This information should stay in your home and only be stored in a cloud system if you want it and understand what it entails.

Your home should stay available, even when the automation is not.

Even automation controllers need a vacation once in a while… in those few minutes where the controller is not available, there have to be manual ways to get your house to do what you want it.