Lighting, mechanical and custom integration

Make your home work for you!

One of the areas in which automation can really make a dramatic difference is when used to control lighting scenes, as precisely controlled lighting becomes  the mood setter from one activity to another.

Lighting can make existing furniture look more impacting, adding a new dimension to the mood or activity being done. Your fireplace, drapes, lights, TV and sound system can all be directed to set the right state of mind for you evening news, movie or relaxation moment.

Ever wondered if that crazy idea of making the TV come out from inside a drawer chest was possible? Well, yes it is possible! as a matter of fact, you can hide almost anything inside furniture, walls and even the ceiling thanks to the many lifts, mounts and motion systems in the market. We'll find and install the right one for your application, and when a change to an existing piece of furniture is needed, rest assured that our experienced cabinet makers will do it in the best possible way.


These days home automation is truly only limited by your imagination. If a particular piece of hardware does not exist yet, that is not a problem! We have extensive experience building custom solutions from modular electronics and mechanics that guarantee trouble free operation. This allows us to deliver an exact rendition of your dream... for sure it will be a conversation starter.

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